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The book of STOP

Tecnica: Soft pastel

The book of STOP tells us about the fairytale of the Snake, the Tower, and Oooo the Prince!
The image shows the consonants of STOP. The S is the image of the Snake, the T of the Tower, and P of the prince.
But also in other languages: S for serpente (Italian), snake (English), serpiente (Spanish), slang (Dutch). The T for torre (Italian), tower (English), torre (Spanish), toren (Dutch). The P for principe (Italian), prince (English), príncipe (Spanish), prins (Dutch).
It is inspired on the imaginative way that children learn to read and write in Waldorf schools.
The consonants are represented as images of stories, and vocals are the expression of an emotion.
Here the O is the expression of wonder… as I ment my illustration to be!
Stop, not as the end, but as the beginning of a story full of wonder:
The book of STOP.


Kaly is an illustrator of children’s picture books.
As a teacher, she initiates the Dutch language to foreign language newcomers.

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6 commenti

  1. Prachtige illustratie in mooie kleuren, die uitnodigt om stil te staan en beter te kijken. Zo valt er steeds meer te zien.
    Het is een goede en originele uitwerking van het thema.

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