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SUPER monster

Tecnica: mixed

This illustration I showed to some different publishers as a cover of a book project, every one sad that it was Super scary, too monstrous. When i show to children, they find it Super funny. So I decided to submit this illustration with the title SUPER MONSTER.

Dunja Jogan
Dunja Jogan

Illustrator and graphic designer, studied in Urbino, Italy. Later she perfected her skills in illustration and art in Geramy, England, Austria, and Italy. She has been living for several years in Rome, where she collaborated with different graphic design and advertising companies, she also collaborated with private and institutional realities Ferrara, Torino, Milan and Paris. She worked for different customers: Bertolli, Molinari, Ferrarelle, Nastro Azzurro, Ferrero, Martini, Trenitalia, Wind, Indosuez, Multithematic, Fao and others.

Her illustrations has been published in different books and magazines, in Italy and abroad.

From 2014 until now her illustrations have been selected for the Annual of the Italian Illustrators. In 2015 her book The Elephant tree was nominated for the best book in Slovenia. In 2019 her book Felix after the rain was awarded with the english pen award.

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