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My ‘Stop’ is a race that shows the sad part of the modern lifestyle. The prices for the winners of the race are unbelievable but not guaranteed. It’s a race that happens to be in day and night.
the race is organized by the Orchadian, represented in purple, and by the symbol of an orchid. (orchids represent power and wealth). On the other hand, ‘Daisy’, which is in colour yellow represents the simplicity and the essence of life.
The people in black suits, who wear orchids as badges, are agents of Orchadian.
The journalists and media photographers wear white as a symbol of impartiality.
Runners number 01 and 10 show a couple which husband is a busy businessman and the wife drags her son, who’s losing his tired pet dog. Neither of the adults gives their attention to the child nor his desires.
Runner no. 5 loses his girlfriend and his passion for music but does not care about it. But no. 14 has chosen to carry his love until the end. Runner no. 02 is showing off.
Number 09 who is a rude rich fellow is being carried by his bodyguards who are exhausted by now.
Number 23 riding a skateboard, chose to cheat.
The man in the middle receives a daisy from his child and wife. He was runner number 12, who has lost his companion no. 13 on the way. This incident makes no. 12 realize the importance of ‘Stop’ sometimes in life. The two old fellows under the red and white hut are playing checkers, purple as opposed to yellow.

Dinithi Somarathna
Dinithi Somarathna
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