Tecnica: Acrylic, Ink, Line and Colour Pencil

Siesta The idea of Siesta for me is about peace. We experience stressful episodes during daily life in which the rules of work and the struggle for survival, fears, the struggle for a better life, etc. govern life. We run after each other full of inner tension, aiming at certain impersonal goals, striving for perfection, or maybe feel like being part of an uncertain machinery. Siesta to means the complete opposite in many ways. And Siesta is more than a breach during daily life and work. Here, we experience peace of mind and relaxation, quietness, harmony between beings, wherein everyone can be silently happy for him- or herself. A stressful Siesta is no Siesta. So it can be a very personal experience everyone wants his or her time out, no matter what rules are valid outside Siesta. These rules are broken, sometimes in very absurd and unforeseen ways&so during Siesta, a hunter may have tea with his prey, the deer.

Dreis Stella
Dreis Stella
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