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2023 - Kamila Chomiak - Shattered Underwater Realm

Shattered Underwater Realm

Kamila Chomiak

Tecnica / Technique:

Acrylic Painting

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

For my painting, I decided to focus on sea life and how we have to work together in “tandem” to save our aquatic friends. Executed with acrylic paint, the piece captures the ethereal beauty of underwater life through vibrant hues and loose paint strokes. The main objective was to illustrate a diverse array of marine creatures that call the seas, oceans, rivers and lakes of the world their home. I wanted to showcase how humanity has failed these creatures by flooding our world with carbon emissions, oil spills, plastic pollution and overfishing. The cracked glass embedded within the piece symbolizes the destructive influence of human activities, casting fragmented shadows upon the once-pristine aquatic ecosystem. The point is to present the underwater scene inside said cracked glass, demonstrating the ‘crack’ we have made on our sea life. The contrast of the sea creatures and the broken glass serves as a commentary on the fragile state of our oceans, urging reflection on the consequences of our actions.

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