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Tecnica: collage, color pencil, tracing paper, tape, Photoshop

This illustration is about the co-existence between humans and animals. With this work, I want to appeal for a stop to the persecution of animals by humans.

In this picture, fleas are raised in a sandbox to a large size. Then humans peeled off their skins and processed to revive ancient dinosaurs, which are then sold as pets in the souvenir shop of the dinosaur museum. 

Resurrecting dinosaurs is really just a selfish act of humans standing up for themselves under the pretext of exploring ancient life. They are focusing on one kind of life while at the same time playing with another kind of life like doing a medical experiment.

I chose to represent the huge size of the dinosaurs and the small size of the fleas to give the picture a strong sense of conflict and absurdity. I wanted to use this work to call for a stop to the unjust persecution of animals.

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  1. I got the impression from this image that the subject matter was humans dissecting dinosaurs ~ after reading the introduction and looking deeper, I felt that this artwork expresses the persecution of animals by humans in a gory manner. The deeper I look, the more I feel the cruelty of humans and the sadness of animals.

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