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2023 - Amir Mohammad Sabahi Moosavi - Salty & Sweet

Salty & Sweet

Amir Mohammad Sabahi Moosavi

Tecnica / Technique:

Digital Art

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

A kind son sows wishes and reaps stars of hope.
A girl full of beautiful dreams gives her dreams to him to plant them with hoping to spread love and kindness.
The boy reaps the wishes. Dreams grow and come out of the cold soil.
Jealousy of others tramples the buds. Because they do not know the meaning of love and hope.
Nature’s Mother sees and upset.
The boy and girl are not disappointed and understand that there are people in other lands who understand love.
They travel a dangerous and difficult way to reach another land where old trees remember many stories of love.
They prepare the uneven land there and plant the saplings of love again. Others’ jealousy knows no bounds and they attack their seedlings again. Boys and girls defend the seedlings with their life.
This time, Nature’s Mother will not sit idle and send a torrential rain to help and wash away all the ugliness. Finally the seedlings grow and the stars of love take them to the land of love and hope.
“Mother Nature’s kindness will repay you for all your patience and effort.”

13 risposte a “Salty & Sweet”

  1. Avatar Samira

    That is a so nice and effective illustration

  2. Avatar Hoora

    This is so beauteaful

  3. Avatar amin abdolahi
    amin abdolahi

    What a creative and enjoyable creation! I like it.

  4. Avatar Feriall

    such a beautiful story . It is really perfect

  5. Avatar sara

    very well

  6. Avatar Behnaz


  7. Avatar Ali


  8. Avatar Masoud


    1. Avatar Mohammad

      Very very nice

  9. Avatar Mahsa

    So nice

  10. Avatar Azadeh

    That was great

  11. Avatar Arezoo

    Beautifully minded story telling with the creative art. I enjoy it.

  12. Avatar Samira

    Expressing one’s mind so artistically and beautifully is truly impressive.

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