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Tecnica: digital art

As a representative image of Asia, the panda, seen by the author as the epitome of life and self, dominates the scene, representing the desire for self-identity in the current context of chaos. The current world order is battered by war and disease, and the yellow expression conveys a complex range of emotions as rebellious people seek to vent their frustrations. The eyes represent people’s diffused attention being pulled by various oriented opinions and losing themselves in the confusion of views. The rich colours are a metaphor for the past, symbolising the desire to return to the rich, happy life of the past, and the dove symbolises the desire for peace and the search for self and direction in life. It is intended to hold the unique perception of people who wish for an early cessation in disease and war and a return to a wonderful and colourful life.

zhicheng lai
zhicheng lai
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