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Please, stop! Wait…

Tecnica: Colour pencils

My work is about a lifespan of a man. Despite we can live up to 100 years, our life still seems to be very short. We can be very happy and experience many great things – to be born, to play, to love our parents, to study, to find our love, to get a job, to get married, to have kids… It is all very happy and become great memories for us. Yet we are still scared of what is waiting for us, of unknown part of life. The hero on the picture has a great happy life, but even he is scared and praying for his time to stand still… As it flies too fast. What if he ends up alone with his cat? So… Please, stop! Wait…
But I think that it is just a fear that we all feel from time to time, so the second half is dark. But everything that already happened is light and happy. So I think he would end up up surrounded by his kids, grandsons and granddaughters. At least I wish him that.

Veronika Cheliadinova
Veronika Cheliadinova
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  1. Very Interesting and unique style, the image is full of empathy for fellow humans… bellissima

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