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2023 - Aleksandra (Sasha) Chagina - Our bicycle for two.

Our bicycle for two.

Sasha Chagina

Tecnica / Technique:

Digital drawing in Photoshop + hand painted watercolour texture

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

This illustration is a self-portrait of my family and I. Me and my partner of 10 years are both immigrants who found each other in a foreign country and have since built our life together which often feels like riding on a tandem bicycle. Some days life’s rain pours on you while on other days the sun shines brightly. You have to constantly keep your tandem balanced and watch out for muddy puddles. Yet it’s two of us to navigate and push through so while one is at the wheel, another makes endless cups of tea and coffee, always watching for the other’s back. We may not have a brick house and our little home on two wheels and one steering wheel may feel fragile yet it’s cosy and resiliently lit by the light of our partnership, being each other’s greatest supporter and friend.
For years I travelled with only my cat on the back seat, now I have my best friend along for the ride on our bicycle for two.

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