Nur sie weiss- Only she knows

Tecnica: Pastel and permanent Ink

In the land of X, there was a place that no one dared to mention, the mansion of X. For a X reason it remained abandoned for a X seasons. Some say however that there was a girl who?s name was forgotten, they called her X. She guarded the Mansion of X in her vigilant sleep. It was said that person which will make her awake, will hear her secret- the story of X. As the tale of X was too hard to bear, everyone tried to stay away of mansion X and the girl. But she never sleeps, she just counts till X, then she opens her eyes?

Milek Bogus
Milek Bogus
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2 commenti

  1. Mystical drawing with mysterious story behind. Very fresh and artistic approach to theme.
    Great to see real hand work 🙂
    I love it!!!

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