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Tecnica: Digital

Many times our youngsters experience difficulty finding their way in the world, even though they are talented, creative, driven, and different. The elder generation sees them as ‘small’ in comparison, but times are changing, and they are no longer small. Our youths and new generation (New-Gen) are finding it tough and burdensome to ‘TILT’ the scale in their favor.

The name of the poster is ‘New-Gen’, and it depicts someone pushing with all their strength and will to TILT the gear to reveal and show the world what the new generation is capable of. It’s only logical that our older generation of professionals will gradually phase out, making way for the youngsters, but instead of keeping us down, embrace change, share your knowledge, offer support, and help us be the best we can be, so we can create a new legacy.

David Bispat
David Bispat
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