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Maybe we can give it another go around

Tecnica: digital on Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

My Ciak is from the movie Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. The movie revolves on the character Joel (Jim Carrey) who is getting the memories of his ex girlfriend Celmentine ( Kate Winslet) erased but while the process is happening he regrets it and tries to keep Clementine in his mind and not forget her. The scene I used is where Joel relives the second time he met Clementine. He is asking her out on a date at which then they break character and admit what they were thinking at the time.Joel has his chance to express how he wishes they could get back together, how things would be different.My title comes from Clementine’s response to that, that maybe it’s possible if he tries hard enough to remember her then they can. They realize they’re at the end of this memory erasing process and so this scene becomes an intimate apology and goodbye. My interpretation shows this scene looking like an instant photograph that developed irregularities. Yet, because of those problems it makes the photo look more beautiful than it was already. It is to represent the fragments of memories Joel keeps trying to preserve of Clementine.They form into one new setting of just the two of them. A glare appears on Joel’s head to represent where in his mind the memories are being erased while the glare on Clementine’s chest represent how she is the mental creation of all the amorous feelings Joel ever had for the real Clementine. To make it a photo makes them able to stay in that moment forever, but the fading of the image foreshadows the sad inevitability of Joel forgetting Clementine.

Luckas Arias-Torfs
Luckas Arias-Torfs
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