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Graduated at Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts in 1998.
MA at same faculty in 2002.
Member of ULUS Artists Association of Serbia since 2000.
Member of ULUPUDS The Association of applied arts artists and designers of Serbia since 2011.
Member of Society for art of imagination since 2010.
He has participated in many group exhibitions in Serbia and many other countries.
He has had 19 personal exhibitions up to today and his works belong to private and public collections in many countries.

Slavko Krunic
Slavko Krunic
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5 commenti

  1. Your work strikes me deeply. I find it fascinating and surreal. It stimulates to think to other countries or, may be, to fantastic lands.

  2. Thank you Cristiana.
    I named the residents of my paintings “Satiricons” (Satiric Icons).
    They might be even coming from another times. Some forgotten times.

  3. I love your work very much!
    I also saw your site, your works are really wonderful! They really take away the thoughts in fantastic lands and times.
    Good luck, I hope you succeed too! 🙂

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