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2023 - Immanuel Issac - Just a Matter of Perspective

Just a Matter of Perspective

Immanuel Issac

Tecnica / Technique:

Digital illustration, vector art

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

In modern times, the word “Tandem” can mean two forces working together, as well as the tandem bicycle. The ancient language, latin, uses the word “Tandem” to mean “Finally”. This artwork shows a couple going through their journey to arrive at their destination. There are two different perspective of thought where the man thinks the woman is not giving enough effort, and when the canvas is flipped, it shows the woman thinking the man is not giving effort. This is an embodiment of arguments couples go through, where misunderstandings often arise on the path to their destination which is different for every couple, be it getting married, starting a family and etc.

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