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2023 - Hanna Jung - Jump from the top

Jump from the top

Hanna Jung

Tecnica / Technique:

Acrylic paint, Oil pastel on paper

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

I was a not popular cartoonist in Korea before I became a mother of two girls. But getting back my previous job was not easy. I sent few of my comics to publishing company I worked before, But all of them was declined. It’s been 5 years lived as a mom and wife only in Italy. And now I want to prepare some other way around to become a painter. Preparing the portfolios and CV for new area is makes me feel like 24 years old girl who just graduated all schools and looking for a first job. It makes me feel a bit shame and scared, but I believe my talent as a artist.
Lady bugs are spread their wings only on the very top of the object where they climbing. On the way to the top there’s everything what they need for their lives. I try not to think I wasted my time. The time I spent became my body and soul. It makes me keep drawing, climbing.

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