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2023 - Ngoc Nhi Nguyen - Judas

Judas, he had come so close

Ngoc Nhi

Tecnica / Technique:

Ink and pencil color on paper

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

“Judas, he had come so close” is an artwork inspired by the well-known biblical episode of Judas who had betrayed his teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus The Messiah – Jesus Christ. The story of a man who had been waiting so long and with the expectation of generations and generations of Jewish people about a Messiah who would appear to defeat militarily or politically the oppressor, which were the Romans at that time, when he got to learn more about the existence of Jesus of Nazareth, he has disappointed his long wait for Jesus would never touch a hair of a Roman to the point that he disbelieved in Jesus as if He was not who he and the Jewish had been waiting for. Judas had betrayed Jesus as Jesus had “betrayed” Judas’s belief for such a long wait but little did he know that God’s kingdom was beyond what he could understand and expect while still being an ordinary people in the earthly world. In this illustration, the depiction of the ant after he had come so far to the table, had turned his head away from the big loaf of bread and dying in the middle of crumbs for he has thought that is all he could have had, he did not realize that his final treasure was so close and his final destination was right above his head, but after a long wait, he was just give up, betray his hunger and his hope to be fed, to be fulfilled, and died while turning away from his honour. While the bread and the wine holds the famous symbol in Christianity, which are the flesh, blood, and salvation of Jesus Christ, the bread crumbs are the 30 silver coins that Judas got for selling his teacher and the ant in this illustration represent Judas and even humanity, of those who believe they have come so far and unfairly cannot reach to the final promising treasure of justice and heaven, and believe that giving up is our only and final destination. By using minimal materials for the work, the aim of them all as a composition is to achieve relatability in everyone who is expecting to see God’s promise of life and justice that everything is so close and the waiting is coming to an end, and one day you will see it soon without betraying yourself, your effort, your honour and belief.

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