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2023 - Elena Chechkina - Inner tandem

Inner tandem

Elena Chechkina

Tecnica / Technique:

3D digital illustration

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

My work explores the theme of tandem, interaction, and idea searching. The painting depicts a spiral movement from left to right, where the same individual is represented at different ages, moving towards the center, where a bright star shines. At the very center of consciousness are two children, symbolizing the unity of one personality (me and my “shadow”). Through this image, I want to show that deep insights occur within us when we find harmony with our “shadow” or hidden sides of ourselves. After such a union, we are able to transmit our thoughts to the world, successfully interacting with other people. After all, to successfully interact with the outside world, it’s important to be in harmony with oneself.

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