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In the search of my home Eden

Tecnica: Ink, aquarelle

To me, Eden is a place where I am safe. A place where is no danger, where I can live without any kind of fear or worry, though I need to obey some rules. It is like my home, my home with the warm hands of my mother and the kind smile of my father who protect me and take care of me unconditionally. But one day I open the doors, jump over the fence and, driven by my curiosity, I leave my Eden. I am free. I am exploring the World and my own limits, creating my own rules on the go. Then some troubles surely come my way and it hits me I can never come back! And that s where my search starts. The search for my own Eden. And I am lucky and find a man who imagines the Eden the same way I do. And we start to create it, brick by brick. One day we open the doors to our Eden with the keys our parents gave us. The same keys we hope to give to our children one day.

Zdenka Novakova
Zdenka Novakova
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