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I just wanted to drink my coffee

Tecnica: Acrylic paint and coloured pencil on acid-free paper 420gsm

The giant cactus represents the loud noise of drilling which has been shaking my apartment every day for a week. I work from home so having builders tearing out walls and ripping up floors leaving thick clouds of dust everywhere has been chaos for me. The colour of the walls is the same as the thick layer of dust that covers my studio! I chose a cactus because they grow in a chaotic way – with new growths coming out randomly. For the sound, it feels like it goes straight through your body. The great thick branches throb like the pulse of the drill, with spikes like the high pitched noise of a saw cutting through cement. (The original illustration is 26x26cm but the scanned image has been saved at 31x31cm, 300dpi).

Millie Wilkins
Millie Wilkins
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