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Harmonious Living

Tecnica: Ink and Watercolour Digital Retouch

I find the world today deeply upsetting due to mankind’s propensity to destroy that which is so magical about this planet, nature.

I still have hope for the future however, and decided to paint a Utopia that presents that future in a manner that overtly depicts mankind and the rest of the natural world living side by side. Aspects of modern life are still present but don’t conflict with nature, and are presented in a rather fanciful way.

This illustration shows:

-A sky without the glare of city lights, where one can lie back in the tree canopy and see stars, planets and galaxies.
-A tree containing every book ever created.
-Dwellings that intertwine with trees and foliage.
-Crystal-clear waters that can be drunk from without worry.
-A table filled with the most delicious delicacies that never go off and are supremely healthy for you.
-A honey tap for collecting excess honey created by the bees direct from the beehive.
-A dance bar that plays the BEST music ever, with a tap that can serve any drink created and even those that have not been created.
-A roll down cinema screen where everyone can watch the most amazingly beautiful, funny, and emotive films and television shows created whilst lounging on giant lily pads.

All within a world full of plants and animals, everyone living happily side by side.

A world where the fruit form the trees is sweet and juicy and the air is full with the sound of the natural world.

Maeve Nolan
Maeve Nolan
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