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2023 - Valeriya Vasileva - Generational Tandem - We've got your back

Generational Tandem – We’ve got your back

Valeriya Vasileva

Tecnica / Technique:

Digital drawing on an iPad (Procreate)

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

In my artwork I have tried to capture the essence of family unity across time. The artwork centers around five individuals, each representing a distinct generation, seamlessly connected in a tandem formation. The youngest family member stands at the forefront, symbolizing the present and the future. Positioned behind, in a protective and supportive tandem arrangement, are the elders from preceding generations, forming a human chain that extends through time.

The composition not only portrays the physical passage of time but also encapsulates the emotional and supportive bonds that tie these family members together. ‘Generational Tandem’ reflects my interpretation of the contest theme, ‘Tandem,’ as a metaphor for the interdependence and mutual support within the family unit across multiple generations. Placing the youngest member at the forefront emphasizes the continuous cycle of life, with each generation contributing to the strength and resilience of the familial bond. The wisdom, experiences, and support of the older generations serve as a foundation for the growth and progress of the younger ones.

‘Generational Tandem’ is a heartfelt narrative of shared history, interconnectedness, and the enduring strength derived from standing together, generation after generation.

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