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2023 - Olivia Harrington - free the womb/free the woman

free the womb/free the woman

Olivia Harrington

Tecnica / Technique:

Watercolour and graphite pencil

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

My piece explores the tandem between the past and the present, the tandem of those in the past suffering through hardships and preventing future generations from experiencing them. My piece is about the banning of birth control in Ireland, and the Magdelene Laundries, which were labour prison camps, as punishment for pregancy out of wedlock. The Catholic Church and Goverment in Ireland made sure women would be tethered to a husband for life, and constantly being forced into pregnancy, as a way to keep her out of society, women who had babies outside of marriage would be locked up in the Laundries, forced to wash clothes mostly for Church Officials. All this was to keep women as second class citizins to men. When the contreceptive pill became available in the UK, many women from the Republic travelled to Northern Ireland, bringing back birth control pills. These pills wern’t just for sex; they were for freeing your body. When you control your own womb, you can control your freedom, and your future. After years of protest, contreception, and later abortion, were made legal. This piece is in a Catholic manuscript or stained glass style, to mimic the institution that caused this suffering. The top and left discuss the horrors of the laundry, the right disucsses the pedestel virginity was put on, and and the bottom discusses the current freedom we have today, and how we must nurture it. The middle piece shows Sheela Na Gig- in Irish folklore, the figure of the Old Hag was seen as someone who had knowlege about women’ bodys, and her image represents safety of womens’s reproductive system, in terms of pregnancy, sex, and freedom.

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