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Finless Porpoise

Tecnica: CG

My father was a professor and He is very interesting in provincial development and environmental conservation. He told me about finless porpoise living around my city. They found on the seaside and port with marine debris and it is in endangered situation. I wasn’t very interested in this matter when I was small but after I gave birth to my babies, and when I have to teach them about the matter of this world and the animals or the environment around their lives, these dolphins popped up on my head.
I told them about these poor mammals they were very amused about it’s looks. Because it’s faces always looks like smiling. But also they showed me the sympathy about the environmental situations of it.
It was wonderful feeling to see this idea of caring world is coming through the generation.
I showed them some photos of alive finless porpoise and dead ones(killed by marine debris) They asked me where these dolphins goes after death, I told them about afterlife as the first time of their lives.
The point is we should try to stop harming environment and kill the natures by our wastes.

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