Fear factor

Tecnica: digital painting

If one imagines human’s life as a big game – the main tilt in this game could be coused by the fear – in many areas of life. I often think about what are the fears we used to expirience. And I realize that actually are unmaterial obstacles we create in our consciousness by our own brains. Nothing havn’t even happened yet – but we already have visualized what COULD happened and this picture in a mind keeps us from moving forvard and getting benefits of our lifegame and rewards that we can get from it. So this illustration shows that there are so many ways to our goals and obstacles on these ways are not always so scary and invincible that we imagine them . Don’t let your fears to take over your mind and emotional control, don’t let them throw you into the tilt of your main game – the game called life.

Maryna Gargai
Maryna Gargai
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