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2023 - Tamara Abu alwan - EXTRAVAGANZA


Tamara Abu alwan

Tecnica / Technique:

illustration from imagination on pro create

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem


i choose this name due its rarity and ability to express what my soul is translating
the real meaning of tandem to me.

i remember coming across this word through listening to one of Terrance Meckanna’s lectures which fascinated me and i knew i would use it one day for a purpose.

in this illustration i show the struggle of the person ,the clown ,the trickster who does the show and the struggle of the man behind the scenes doing all the hard work in order to make the “extravaganza’s successful.
unfortunately today we see this happening all time.
it also happened in alot of times throughout history
where great people stole other great people’s ideas and adopted their success,
but for the world, the show must go on.
the masses will see what seems new and trendy to them.
rarely anyone claps or give an eye to the man doing all the work.
at the end both
the man doing the show and the man behind the scenes..
are two faces of the same coin (consciousness)
they are both prisoners one of suffering, the other of their belated Their conscience.
by the time we are close to death we come to realize this the very hard way.

me as an artist from the middle east having to go through a constant battle to make a living.
live this struggle in my everyday life.

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