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2023 - Xiaotian Qin - Escape


Xiaotian Qin

Tecnica / Technique:

Mixed materials and hand drawing

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

It’s an illustration which aims to promote pacifism and nonviolence. Conflicts occur since conceptual bondage traps people. People are constrained by these ideologies and dualism ideas and ignore the humanity and love between human beings. The warfare not only hurt the individuals, but also killed the vitality, culture and art of the place. It’s a crisis for humankind if the wars keep taking place without stopping. I have seen a lot of news from the recent war, and there are lots of tragedies for the people. The two kids depicted in the illustration lost their lives in a bomb. However, the battles may just become one piece of text in the summary of 2023 events in the future history book. My Tandem is an imaginary vehicle for the kids suffering from wars. It’s a hope that the two little kids can escape from the black side of history by riding a pink tandem bike, travelling somewhere with a blue sky and flying pigeons.

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