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Double Superstitious- Jiangshi(Chinese Hopping Vampire)

Tecnica: Mixed Media

A jiangshi, also known as a Chinese hopping vampire, is a type of corpse that was brought back to life in Chinese legends and folklore. It is typically depicted as a stiff corpse dressed in official garments from the Qing Dynasty, and it moves around by hopping. It kills living creatures to absorb their “chi” at night, while rests in a coffin during the day.

In this piece, a jiangshi is seen applying concealer on his heavy under-eye dark rings due to its unique sleeping pattern. Choosing him as a “spokesperson” for a concealer product shows the characteristics and benefits of this beauty product in the most direct method.

By creating this image, I wish to emphasise on the interesting juxtaposition of which a mythical creature from folklore chooses to believe in a modern-day commercial product. Is the being of him which is the superstitious one, or the notion of him believing in a modern-day product a superstitious one?

The name Double Supestitious pays homage to the word Double Happiness, which was always used in Chinese traditional ornament design, especially as a decoration symbol of marriage.

Yun Tan
Yun Tan
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