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Day X

Tecnica: Digital illustration

Destruction of the environment, climatchange, wars, human and animal exploitation, extermination of half the population of the world land living species, polution of the sees and rivers, privatisation of resources and drinking water… and so on and so on and so on. The list of crimes against human being, animals and the nature of your lovely planet is long. Democratic performance alreday standing under the controll of multinational companys . This most powerfull constructions feeding everything until nothing will be left. But the options of this monsters to expant and destroy the whole world, is is given by us -the people. The people of the biggest and richest countrys in the world are the ones in charge. If we don’t stop consuming, we won’t stop the worlds going down. The day where everything is going totaly out of controll is near. If we don’t stop acting so ignorant, DAY X WILL COME -soon.

Konstantin Vohwinkel
Konstantin Vohwinkel
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