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Tecnica: Acrylic and oil on canvas

Before I got to know this competition, I have created one painting themed utopia for a feminist exhibition. When I was painting the previous work, I was thinking of a utopia where women can be naked and enjoying a nice time without any kind of concerns, possible threat, harassment, self-consciousness caused by male-gaze.

I think that can be a Utopia in this era, the time being where women are demanded to be perfect and beautiful, mansplained, can not feel safe walking outside alone at night, being discriminated against, being targeted, and being a victim of terrifying crimes just because they are women.

I wanted to picture that utopia again for this competition, however, wanted to put a new element; Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang is a philosophy originated from Ancient Chinese and describing somethings completely opposite are actually complementary and interdependent. It says we can find true harmony and power when those opposite forces and lives are coming together and support each other. The representative symbols of Yang are light, sun, warm, fire, positive, and men, and Yin is associated with darkness, moon, cold, water, negative, and women. Since I was very young, I have been wondering why Women should be associated with the negative side and need the opposite bright side, which is men, to be fulfilled. I believe women themselves can be fulfilled and hold a completed power despite all the old-fashioned perception that women need men to help and save them.

Hence, I painted a place where women can be truly liberated from any kind of misogynistic pressure and threat, enjoying a nice time with their friends(or possibly including a lover) with a completed Yin and Yang symbol in the sky that shines them brightly.

Jihoo Park
Jihoo Park
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