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2023 - Çağrı Kaş - Clock Out

Clock Out

Çağrı Kaş

Tecnica / Technique:

Digital Illustration

Il mio Tandem / My Tandem

In an age beyond reckoning, in a realm untouched by the dominion of time, there dwelt a Goddess. All believed her immortal, gazing upon her with awe-struck wonder. Yet, one being, Death himself, was aware that even a goddess’s span must wane. It was his eternal duty to claim her soul. The endless epoch had become Death’s undying prison. But patient was Death, counting each day in wait. And when the appointed time did arrive, and the Goddess drew her terminal breath, he gently reaped her spirit, entwining it upon his scythe. At last, he was unshackled, finally clocked out, and concluded his task.

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