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Tecnica: mixed media

The drawing represents the caos of how I view my world.
The wall on the left side is getting old and crumbling, but it is also what is trapping me inside.
I am the giant squid. On my body there are trees growing, representing new things, new opportunities.
Everything is full of uncertainties and it is a scary feeling.
Every testicle faces different life journeys, wrong and right decisions.
Creates cuts, wounds and growth. Happening in different environments.
Like the devil mushrooms are growing at my weak area.
Crystals are pretty things or good memories, that ended up shattered and hurting me.
The pyramid is my brain, getting tangled by all the thoughts and whats happening in life.
It summoned the demon out of me when I am at my weakest.
Still holding on the dead cat that is in half, trying to fix something that cant be restored.
Eyeballs on the wall and in the water below means there are always eyes watching me and judging.
There are even eyes on my body, a symbolism of self criticism and judgment.
The real eyes on the squid is big but blind.
I have a very bad vision in real life, but it also means I am blinded by a lot of things.
The person in the middle with tears flooding this place, is the me that is in the dark, it wants peace but all it gets is chaos.
There are kites flying towards but they are far and sometimes faded.
Kites symbolizes freedom, the thing that I have always wanted. Carrying my hopes and dreams.
The flying patterns that the kites formed also have a metaphorical meaning of how sperm-cells travel and most of them dont make it till the end.
Along with the water island we are trying to escape and move forward.
It is a lonely and chaotic journey, but it is certainly not a boring one.

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