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Camp Eden, Early Days Festival

Tecnica: Fibre tip pen, Photoshop

Life is a Festival only to the wise’ Ralph Waldo Emerson. This philosophical quote was the starting point for my illustration. What if Eden was a music festival? What attractions might be at the festival and what might the poster look like? The style of my illustration is inspired by the biblical 16th century woodcuts by Albrecht Durer with a contemporary twist. I have incorporated lots of biblical references to the Garden of Eden such as the Tree of Knowledge and the Fountain of Youth but have also included modern day festival style attractions such as the Rib Shack and the Cider Bar as fitting new additions to a modern day Garden of Eden. The apple is central to the logo and this indicates the fate that Eve bestowed upon mankind. I have included references to the dark side, the serpent of temptation, the mud pit (hell) and the Inferno Ride (the devil). The overall layout was inspired by a historical map as a metaphor for life being a journey of which we must take with us our Moral Compass . Be wise and life will indeed be a festival. Enjoy!

Vikki Gibson
Vikki Gibson
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