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Bung Bung

Tecnica: Oil

Having the job of a motorcyclist in Bangkok will by no means garner you any accolades or praise within Thailand’s society. However, I believe people working in blue-collar jobs are most evocative of a poise and gung-ho attitude that resonates with one’s passion for an occupation.

The man in this picture, Bung Bung, is a motorbike taxi driver who drives me all over the stretch of Bangkok’s urban metropolis, often taking me to school or to the local skatepark. The tilt of this portrait, a dynamically low angle, captures how I perceived Bung Bung throughout my youth in contrast to Thailand’s societal norms: an unwavering and reliable figure, rich in identity, who I viewed as a role model for his unfaltering passion for his occupation.

Varin Chuenrudeemol
Varin Chuenrudeemol
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