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From my perspective, “TILT” may be an opportunity for liberation. TILT makes people realize that they are on the verge of reaching their limit, and have to turn around and face themselves head-on. To regain inner balance, people should catch those things that really matter to them, and let go of the burden.

On March 3, 2022, a blackout occurred in Taipei, Taiwan, temporarily stopping the city from turning, as if declaring that labor was at its limit. It looks as if people have been disrupted by COVID-19 in recent years, which made their lives tilted. However, such a dull night made me see the emotion neglected before more clearly, which is the motivation for drawing this picture.

On that day, I saw that people had to put down their work and get together with the important people around them after a long absence.

People surrounded by candlelight chatted while playing a hand shadow game. No more cold, dazzling white light, replaced by warm flickering candlelight. There were no longer empty and superficial community greetings, replaced by simple and sincere heart-to-heart exchanges.

In the lightless streets, people wandered freely and became a light to each other and themselves.

It looks as if the blackout grace, people can slow down and turn back to find the important people and things around them.

I want to record such a special touch, to record the hopes and beliefs that quietly float in people’s hearts and are diluted by the real society, those things that can truly lead people through the darkness.

Arowana fish is a species of fish that has been living and multiplying since the ancient Carboniferous period. According to the present, it has a history of more than 345 million years. It is still a high-priced ornamental fish of the oriental nation. In my painting, this ancient and gorgeous fish flying in the sky, symbolizes the most primitive emotions, beliefs, and even dreams in humans. When it is priced by the real system, it looks as if being imprisoned by a fish tank, small and losing freedom; however, when the world is temporarily tilted, which means the system stops functioning, the most primitive and precious inner parts of human can swim freely in the air, huge and shining.

I used a diagonal composition to suggest the confrontation between the individual and the system. One side symbolizes the system: the huge and lifeless concrete building; As the dragon fish traverses the concrete buildings arranged like fences, it seems that only the most precious inner parts of people can lead people through the darkness.

We will find our light in the blackout.

Yu Hong Liu
Yu Hong Liu
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