1. Enrolment conditions

Any Italian or foreign artist is eligible to submit work. There is no age limit however underage candidates need parents’ authorization. Every candidate is allowed to submit only one brand-new work. Works which have been awarded prizes or merits previously will not be accepted.

2 . Specific techniques used

Any medium and technique is allowed.
Each work must be square-shaped, not smaller than 25×25 centimetres and not bigger than 40×40 centimetres.
If the artwork is applied on a panel or frame, it must not exceed 3 mm in thickness.
In case of a digital image it should be 31×31 centimetres (300 dpi – JPG format – best quality).

3. Theme of the contest

CAOS (Chaos)

4. Rules concerning the dispatch of works

In order to take part in the contest, candidates can choose between two ways:

  • They can fill in the form that can be found on the following web address:
  • They can send their work by mail together with the relevant form which must
    be filled in and signed as well as the receipt for payment of the subscription
    fee to the following address:
    Associazione Culturale Tapirulan
    corso XX Settembre 22, 26100 Cremona – Italy

5. Expiry date

All works must be sent by October 20, 2018.
Works sent by post must arrive by (or before) the same date.

6. Subscription fee

The subscription fee is 15 euros. This is how you can pay in:

  • By money transfer into the following bank account of
    “Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena”:
    IBAN: IT 71 B 01030 55070 000000713131
    Reason for payment: Tapirulan contest
  • By Credit Card or PayPal directly on this website:

If you are a member of “Associazione Tapirulan” for the current year you can take part in the contest freely.

7. Selection of winning works

A jury will select, by an unappealable decision, 48 artworks to be published in the catalogue and to be displayed in the exhibition. Among the 48 works selected, 12 will also be published on the calendar. Then a 2.500 euros prize will be awarded. The prize winner will be invited – in the next edition – to be part of the jury and to exhibit his works in a solo show at Spazio Tapirulan in Cremona. The 48 artworks selected by the jury will be published in the exhibition catalogue and on line on the following website: All the registered subscribers of will be able to express their preferential votes. The artist who will get most of the votes will be awarded a 500 euros prize. If the most voted candidate is also the winner selected by the jury, the prize will be awarded to the artist who came in second according to the on line vote.

8. Members of the jury

Special guest and president of the jury

Mordillo, illustrator

The Jury

Roberto Balocco, founder
Andrea Berretta, editor-in-chief Picame Mag
Silvia Borando, illustrator – art director Minibombo Edizioni
Beppe Giacobbe, illustrator
Mariaflora Giubilei, director Musei di Genova-Nervi
Lorenzo Giuffredi, art director
Fabio Guida, art director Torino Graphic Days
Jean Jullien, illustrator
Victoria Semykina, illustrator (winner of XIII edition)
Fabio Toninelli, president of Associazione Tapirulan

9. Prizes

2.500 euros – First prize awarded by the jury. The winner will be invited for a solo exhibition at Spazio Tapirulan in the next edition of the competition and will be published in a personal catalogue.
The winning work will also be published on the Annual of the “Autori di Immagini” Association
500 euros – Prize awarded by the registered subscribers in Tapirulan website.
The 48 artists whose works will be published in the catalogue will receive a copy of the catalogue and a copy of the calendar.
All the candidates will be given a free copy of the calendar during the prize-giving ceremony.

10. Prize-winning ceremony and exhibition of works

The exhibition “CAOS” which will include the 48 selected works and all the works of the former winners, will be set up from December 8 2018 to February 3 2019 at Santa Maria della Pietà – Cremona (Italy). During the inauguration of the exhibition the winners will be awarded their prizes. The results will then appear on line ( After the exhibition in Cremona, the exhibition will continue in the halls of the Museums of Genoa Nervi from March 2019 to June 2019.
All the competing works will be exhibited permanently on line.

11. Rights and royalties

The artist who take part in the contest must give up their publication rights both in case of publication in the calendar, in the catalogue and in other papers of Association or in the website. They must also give up their rights if a copy of their works is put in a frame/structure for promotional purposes of the contest and “Tapirulan”.
It goes without saying that royalties go to the artists.
Should the artists decide to use their own works for other purpose, they are required to notify the publication of their works in the Tapirulan 2018 catalogue.
The winning works will be owned by “Tapirulan”. The others works will be returned by the end of 2019 to the owners on request charges forward.

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