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Go on TILT, join the 18th edition of Tapirulan Illustrators Contest

One shouldn’t shake the pinball machine too much, a little smack may keep the ball rolling, but if one pushes it too hard the machine goes haywire. The ball falls, and now the players despair and curse their fate, but the responsibility of what happened is theirs alone: they couldn’t find that delicate balance point before the tilt.

In Italian, apparently, the origin of the word “tilt” – meaning «shot, inclination, overturning» – derives precisely from the game of pinball and, by extension, the word ended up identifying anything that suddenly stops working: electrical devices or systems, mechanisms of all kinds or even human brains. So, before our own brains go on tilt, given the many blows and changes we’ve been through the last years, we want to announce the 18th edition of Tapirulan’s Illustrators Contest, whose theme is TILT. Of course we need to trust your brains not to go haywire, or else you could forget to submit your illustration, strictly square, within November 10th 2022, through the online form on our site.

Now stop playing with the pinball machine: read the rules and start drawing! 52 authors will be selected by the jury, and their works will be displayed during the contest’s exhibition, opening in february 2023 in Italy (Cremona and, at a later date, in Genoa). But what about the prizes? The one who’ll make the jury go on tilt will win 2500 euros; on the other hand, the one who’ll make our site go haywire will be awarded with the 500 euros popular prize.


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