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Anna Castagnoli

Anna Castagnoli is author and illustrator. She was born in France, she lived in the United States before moving to Italy and then to Spain. Her books have been published in several countries: Italy (Topipittori, Logos), France (Seuil Jeunesse), Spain (OQO), Belgium (De Eenhoorn). She also wrote stories, illustrated by Susanne Janssen, Gabriel Pacheco, Isabelle Arsenault, Carll Cneut. In 2011 she published Super 8, his first narrative book, a child’s autobiography. Since 2008 she has been working on, a blog in which she write about her studies on illustration;: this blog has become a point of reference for many young illustrators. In 2014 she was sworn in the Bologna Book Fair Illustrator Exhibition. She collaborate with institutions and universities (BNF, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Biennale de l’Album de la Ville de Vichy, France; Master Gretel de la UAB, Máster propio en Lecture, libros y lectores infantiles y juveniles, Spain); International journals (Hamelin, Illustratore Italiano, Fuera de margen, Peonza, Hors-Cadre [s]). She teaches the history of the illustration, theory of perception and illustration at the Master Gretel of Barcelona at UAB University in Spain, at the Sarmede International School, at BK Space in Milan and at the IED in Turin. At the moment she lives in Barcelona.