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Jury 2017

Fabio Toninelli - Presidente Associazione Tapirulan

Fabio Toninelli

During the high school he developed his current passions: illustration, music and narrative. So at the university, he enrolled in Economics and Commerce, thinking that the double game, marketing plans and codes of commercial law would stimulate his creativity. In fact, he began to be interested in graphics design and photography. After graduation he founded Tapirulan, along with some friends.…

Tony Wolf - Ospite speciale Concorso illustratori di Tapirulan

Tony Wolf

Tony Wolf is one of the most loved children’s authors all over the world. His books are in the libraries of almost all families, but few know that behind that name is hiding a reserved Italian illustrator … The true name of Tony Wolf is Antonio Lupatelli. He is born in 1930, he began his career working with Pagot Film…