Below are some of the questions that most frequently come to the Competition Secretary.
We hope will be useful to clarify any doubts arose by reading the rules.
Of course, if you still have any questions please contact us:
by email: info@tapirulan.it
by telephone using the following numbers:
(+39) 328.8518849 (Fabio Toninelli)
(+39) 347.6881328 (Andrea Rampi).


  1. Until when can I participate in the competition?
  2. What does it mean CAOS?
  3. How many illustrations can I send?
  4. Can I send a photo or a scan of my artwork?
  5. In the registration form what should I write in the “My CAOS”?
  6. What happens when the illustrations come to the competition?
  7. I’m not Italian, can I participate in the competition?
  8. How is the catalog of the exhibition and the calendar?
  9. If I am selected, but for reasons of distance or otherwise, I could not attend the awards cerimony, can I still receive the catalog and the calendar?
  10. How is the exhibition and what will be exposed?