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Goodbye to the Master Tony Wolf

Dear friends, this time we are writing you to communicate a sad news. Antonio Lupatelli, known to all as Tony Wolf, passed away on Friday 18 May. We are really sorry because besides being a great illustrator he was a special person. Many of you have had the opportunity to meet during the exhibition CIAO and know how humble and reserved, and how much each of his gestures was of an immense sweetness. Our association owes a lot to Tony Wolf because he is the first to believe in our project more than ten years ago. We would like to remind him with the delicate smile of this photograph, we remember him as a good and affable man who looks with satisfaction at the work of a whole life spent with a pencil in his hand. And we hope that his person has entered your hearts as strongly as he has entered into ours.

Tony Wolf
Tony Wolf in CIAO exposition (ph: Michele Prosperi)

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Christmas drink with Tony Wolf

Natale Tony Wolf

Christmas is approaching and with it the flourishing of aperitifs, business dinners, greetings among colleagues, exchanges of gifts among friends, etc. etc. … Yes, but a Christmas aperitif in the middle of 250 illustrations is not so frequent. Saturday, December 23 in Santa Maria della Pietà (Cremona) we will toast together in the exhibition “Ciao”. At 5 pm there will be a guided tour with an exceptional guest – Tony Wolf – at the end of which we will face the first Christmas calories provided by panettone, pandoro and wine. And those who run out of ideas for gifts can also take advantage of the well-stocked exhibition bookshop!

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Ciao – The opening and the results of the competition

Saturday, December 2, you really came in many. Thank you! It was a wonderful party in honor of the selected authors and a tribute of affection for Antonio Lupatelli, aka Tony Wolf, who presided over the jury and is the protagonist of his first solo exhibition. The day began at 4 pm when Guido Scarabottolo presented the exhibition “Disorder” by Giulia Pastorino at Spazio Tapirulan. Then the long-awaited moment of the award ceremony arrived. The Critics Prize of the 13th edition of the Tapirulan competition was awarded to the Russian illustrator Victoria Semykina. The Popular Prize was awarded to Davide Bonazzi, who became the first author to win both prizes in the competition, having already won the Critics’ Prize in 2013. On the 2018 calendar will appear illustrations of: Davide Bonazzi, Andrea De Luca, Marco De Masi, Laurent Ferrante, Francesco Guarnaccia, Alice Piaggio, Natascha Rosenberg, Giovanni Scarduelli, Jacopo Schiavo, Victoria Semykina, Marco Spadari, João Vaz de Carvalho. The day after we still had the pleasure of meeting Tony Wolf who told us about his career. The day ended with the presentation of the “Manuale dell’illustratore” by Anna Castagnoli. The exhibition will remain open until January 28, 2018 in Cremona, then will move to Genova Nervi from March to June 2018. We thank again all the many participants, both in the competition and at the inauguration, and all the partners who supported the initiative. Hello, next year!

The first photos of the inauguration

(foto di Gianpaolo Guarneri)

Awarded authors

The publications

On December 2, the 4 publications related to the competition were published: the 2018 calendar, the Ciao catalog, the Tony Wolf catalog and the Giulia Pastorino catalog. They are all available in our online shop.

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Ciao – Selected authors

Here is the first suffered verdicts of the jury. Out of over 850 participants only 48 will be shown an the exhibition in Cremona between December 2 20167 and Genuary 28 2018. These 48 authors are still in the race for the popular prize of 500 €. Online voting will begin Monday, November 27 2017 and will close on Wednesday, November 30 2017. The 12 of the calendar are still missing, we know, as well as the winner of the prize of the jury. Those will be nominated during the inauguration. We thank once again all participants and we invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition on December 2 at 17 o’ clock in Santa Maria della Pietà located in Cremona. Before the opening of CIAO in Spazio Tapirulan will be opened the exhibition of Giulia Pastorino (the winner of the 2016 competition). On December 3 at 11 am there will be a meeting with Tony Wolf and with all illustrators who want to participate; at 3 pm in Spazio Tapirulan the presentation of Anna Castagnoli’s “Manuale dell’illustratore.

Maria Attianese
Peppo Bianchessi
Davide Bonazzi
Ying-Hsiu Chen
Ece Ciftci
Andrea Dalla Barba
Cristina Damiani
Andy Robert Davies
Andrea De Luca
Marco De Masi
Angel De Pedro
Oscar Diodoro
Laurent Ferrante
Chiara Ghigliazza
Anna Grimal
Francesco Guarnaccia
Gerardo Gutierrez
Stefania Infante
Pauline Kebuck
Dowon Kwon
Chiara Lanzieri
Daniele Marzo
Rosanna Merklin
Nick Ogonosky
Giada Ottone
Roberta Palazzolo
Alice Piaggio
Cristina Pieropan
Anna Pini
Giulia Piras
Claudia Plescia
Camille Pomerlo
Marco Quadri
Chiara Raineri
Natascha Rosenberg
Martina Sarritzu
Giovanni Scarduelli
Jacopo Schiavo
Victoria Semykina
Marco Spadari
Ariadna Sysoeva
Luca Tagliafico
Ilaria Urbinati
Daniele Vanzo
João Vaz de Carvalho
Lucilla Vecchiarino
Luyi Wang
Carola Zerbone

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Ciao ciao…


The gestation of the 13th edition of Tapirulan’s illustration contest has been long, but finally we’re ready. We have a brand new website which we hope is clearer and will provide all the informations you need. We also have a brand new jury headed by someone we are particularly attached to because he has been around since Tapirulan’s birth. We’re talking about Tony Wolf and we are proud and honoured to organize the exhibition of his works which will be shown alongside that of the competition. So: Ciao! We’re saying hello and telling you the theme of the competition at the same time! Ciao is a friendly and informal greeting, used mostly in it’s native Italy, but also very common almost all over the world, mainly thanks to the many Italian emigrants who’ve taken it with them. You meet with a ciao, you introduce yourself with a ciao, you say goodbye with a ciao… How? Where? Who with? Why? We’ll leave the answers to all these questions to the fervid imaginations of our illustrators. Entries will be accepted up until 25 October 2017. Send us your greeting in a square format, either paper or pixel: here you can find details of the rules. When the competion closes the jury will choose 12 illustrators for the annual Tapirulan calendar, the winner of the 2.000 euro prize and the 48 illustrators whose work will be shown in the international contemporary illustration exhibition (from December to January in Cremona and from March to June in Genova-Nervi). Ciao!

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Tony Wolf, special guest 2017

The special guest of this thirteenth edition of the competition will be Tony Wolf, one of the most loved children’s authors all over the world. His books are in the libraries of almost all families, but few know that behind that name is hiding a peaceful and reserved Italian illustrator … The true name of Tony Wolf is Antonio Lupatelli. Born in 1930, he began his career working with Pagotto brothers (Pagot Film), later with the British publisher Fleetway. When he come back in Italy, he started collaborating with the Corriere dei Piccoli, then with Fratelli Fabbri Editore and finally with Dami Editore. Lupatelli also had a long collaboration with the publisher The Scarabeo of Turin: he has realized many tarot including “The targots of the gnomes”, famous for being the smallest tarot deck ever published.