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2023 - YUNMENG YU - Work done!

Work done!

Santa and his reindeers had worked hard for a whole night at Christmas Eve. Now the got their work done and finally could had good drinks and nice sleeps at dawn!

2021-9203 - YUNMENG - YU - PLEASE STOP


This is a stereotypical but indeed typical Asian scene, where a mom loses her temper at her daughter or son in public on the street, in front of a lot of passers-by, only because of his or her terrible academic…

YUNMENG YU - Desert Flower

Desert Flower

The protagonist of my illustration is Waris Dirie, who is a supermodel, and meanwhile a super woman that has super experience escaping from the destiny of being sold by her father and was the first one to speak of female…


I chose fox, a kind of animal that could be metamorphed into human in novels, as a metaphor for the self-cognition and identity. With that I expressed my feelings of chaos towards the modern environment, the concrete block-made jungle, where…