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Tilt/tilting/joust/to joust

Tecnica: Pastel pencil (Lyra pencil) on watercolour paper.

My first association with the word ’tilt,’
was medieval jousting. At the same time,
the phrase from Don Quixote, ’tilting
at windmills.’

The immediacy of pencil on paper, parallels
the immediacy of action, in jousting, or the tilt.

One colour I used was baby blue. The reason is,
that combat, and historical fallings out, are so
often babyish.

I emphasised stripes and angles, to add dynamism,
and to also give a slightly whimsical or humorous feel,
with a nod to the candy cane, or the deckchair stripe.

John Chamberlain
John Chamberlain
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