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Just imagine: In the sunset, a bus arrived at a building and stopped. Pigeons were flying with the church bells. The violinist was practicing at the window. Kids were playing and laughing with each other. And you saw your mother was preparing supper in the kitchen. Then I knew, I was home. The warmest stop we travelers are asking for. And we know, any other stops before this one, are not real stops.
I designed a fictional multi-storey bus for this scene, so it can contain enough passengers, and later they can walk from the bus to their home directly, no need to climb up and down.

YUAN Zheng
YUAN Zheng

YUAN ZHENG (袁政) is an artist, writer, and animation director from China. During 2012-2018, he made THE GREEN POND, a metamorphosis animation about a little bear's journey of finding its place in the big world. In 2019, his illustrated story RABBIT HOLE was exhibited at Asia Illustration Festival, in Powerlong Museum, Shanghai. It's a story of a bunny's understanding of family, love, and life. During 2020-2021, he illustrated a collection of 76 classic books of literature published by Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Arts. In Yuan's art, the world is colorful and natural, and no matter what happened, kids will always laugh and smile in the end - reminding us how great curing power the world and kids have - you can always trust it.

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