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Never STOP laughing

Tecnica: collage of cut paper and paint mainly, and digitally edited

You must stop things which are not going well, but you must certainly not stop when you do things well even it goes wrong for a moment like this clown. He looses one of his rings but he cannot show his irritation from the inside during the act. The show must go on. He keeps on laughing even when he was ashamed and disappointed about his failure. Every person will have such a moment in his life. Sorrow or failure, even it is difficult,never stop laughing!

Marie Mul- van der Roest
Marie Mul- van der Roest

Graduated at Royal Academy of Fine Arts the Hague , Netherlands in illustrating, painting, graphic arts. Worked as an illustrator for several garden magazines, made illustrations for Dutch tv and my work was selected and exposed at the Bologna Fiera and in Japan. I wrote and illustrated my own book (title: Applaus voor de dahlia's), illustrate my cards , and I am now making designs for fabrics and wallpaper (not yet published), make sculptures of paper mache.

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