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corolario del confinamiento

Tecnica: mixed media (oil on gold leaf y digital)

With this piece I wanted to convey what the quarantine did during the pandemic: nature around the world was at its best since so many years ago, eventhough confinement was never obligatory in some countries including Mexico, too many activities were stopped and those of us who were able to stay at home for more than a year turned the pace and the dynamics of the world around (for a while).

The pause of almost every cultural, social, commercial, and leisure activities as we knew, deflected a change of perspective in regard to our relationship with others and with nature. My piece tries to reflect the stillness of humankind and its affectation in the world, the great impact it had on nature. That although for politicians, financiers and economists, the most recent pandemic of the Anthropocene only generated crises, for nature it was something beneficial, and for many of us (or perhaps not so many), it was an invitation to grow new ties and roots with nature. The mandatory stop of the way we used to live before COVID-19, challenged us to be creative in the confinement and when leaving it. In my piece I also reserve a small/great tribute to the deceased, to those who did not arrive or will not arrive after… But they also made me constantly aware of my finitude and that of others, my illustration recognizes death and life, without one the other does not exist, just as stillness gives meaning to movement and vice versa.

Sofía Cruz Castañeda
Sofía Cruz Castañeda
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  1. Un gusto ver tu obra, interesante reflexión ante esto de la pandemia que ha detenido al mundo, aún falta mucho para estar al 100 nuevamente, saludos

  2. fantastic illustration, represent exactly all that through we be thinking with this pandemic times.
    I love it!

  3. Me parece increíble el tema y su contexto, plasma lo que muchos vivimos en días difíciles, plasma historia, plasma algo que jamás se olvidará

  4. Excelente obra, resulta apasionante percibir tanta belleza y emotividad, plasmados majestuosamente.

  5. Me piace tanto questo lavvoro, che mi fa ricordare il universo di Dali, ma con un mondo di imagine forte e belle come la vita propia . Aplausi alla Autora

  6. Wow, me parece increible la tematica de la pintura y la composición me parece muy genial!! Esta muy padre

  7. It’s perfect. I like it so much. The mixture of colors it’s great and the concept of the picture is very particular. Love

  8. This work is subversive and shrike at the same time. I love the way it captures how nature flourished during the pandemic while juman kind stood still, some of us getting in touch with our soul and with our environment too. Awesome representation of life and inner growth though art!

  9. Me encantó, los colores y las texturas son ran bellas en relación con la temática ♡

  10. Excelente obra, transmite lo que el confinamiento te hace sentir y las técnicas están tan delicadamente utilizadas.
    Muchas felicidades está increíble!!!

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