Tecnica: Ink and collage on paper

The majority of my work revolves around animals and their relation to people, so for this project I wanted to create something that combines my personal practice with the “X” theme. I chose a design that involves both the visual “X” as well as the theme of “X” representing death or elimination. All eleven animals represented in the work are extinct (Xtinct), which further represents the “X” theme, as well as subtle undertones of the importance of animal conservation. I chose obviously extinct animals like dinosaurs and a woolly mammoth to get the point across but I added a few animals that are more relatable to contemporary culture like an extinct Cave Bear and Dire Wolf, to make viewers realize that many current animals face similar extinction if human activity continues to pollute and cause habitat loss. While the underlying message is serious, I designed the image to appear more ironic or humorous, with the comical X shaped eyes and dragging tongues. I believe humor is important when representing something serious because it is more relatable and enjoyable for the viewer to interact with. The sharp triangles protruding from behind each animal compliment the geometric shape of the letter X, while the muted colors grab the viewers attention without overwhelming the detail in each animal.

Brooke Piche
Brooke Piche
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