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X Inhabitants

Tecnica: Acrylic paint, Photography and Photoshop

I interpreted X in a couple of different ways. I used X in the sense of the ?unknown?, in the case of Aliens. I also used it as ?X marks the spot?, as in pirates. I essentially combined the two and came up with Alien Pirates. I have used nesting boxes this gives a clear idea that each box, representing different X?s, comes from in each one. Each box shown is a representation of a different X. The first X is a Map, but is represented as the Galaxy. The next is of the Planet X; the surface is made up of a sulphur compound, like that of Venus. The third box is a Bank, the name of which is Bank X. The final box is a vault, which has an X shaped lock. In the vault is a file, documenting the identities of the Planet X inhabitants.

Ellie Cliftlands
Ellie Cliftlands
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