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Ways of seeing (Chaos)

Tecnica: Mixed (digital + watercolor)

I just close my eyes… and I drift off to my own little world in my head that I like to call Chaos. It’s not just confusion, mess, panic or other stereotypes. That’s not only about that. It does not have exact size, shape or right definition. Chaos is everywhere and lives in everyone. Chaos is something that living inside and outside in the same time. Chaos is our daily life we used to call routine. Chaos is our own desire to control everything. Chaos is what we’re used to and that’s what we’re afraid of losing.

Jane Galushkina
Jane Galushkina

Hi! My name is Jane Galushkina.
I am an illustrator from Brest, Belarus. Graduated from Kiev National University of Technology and design in Ukraine – Advertising and Graphic Design in 2014. Now I base on Poznan, Poland. I do commercial and non-profit things such as textile designing, graphic designing, illustrations and other new forms of visual arts. I have experience in children's books, editorial magazines, and animation.
I love elaborate patterns, eccentric color schemes and animals, flowers and ethnic motifs. I draw by hand and color by tablet. In particular, I am fond of combining in different proportions technical aspects of graphic design with illustration. I try mixing various textures and techniques such as watercolor, digital art and monotype.

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10 commenti

  1. That’s so amaizing!
    “Chaos is what we’re used to and that’s what we’re afraid of losing.” – appload!!!

  2. Great illustration with thoughtful words and inspiration behind. Really like it! Feel touched by your way of seeing the world inside us people.

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