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VI – Gli Amanti Seleniti

Tecnica: Indian Ink and Gouache on Hotpress Watercolour Paper

” O Luna, O Notte imbrunita,
Il baratro minaccia nostro amplesso…”

Under the Moonlight, the star-crossed lovers join hands. Are they saying hello, or goodbye? Despite the ambiguity of their silences, they are sharing a moment of communion. But even that moment will not last forever, as the little squirrels, spirits of Nature, point to the watch to warn the lovers their hour is at hand. She is tortured by the thorns, yet her head blossoms in flowers; He is shielding her from harm, but he can’t do nothing for her. All they can do is share a sweet brief moment together, hello and goodbye, like a passing Moonbeam.

David Gil Conceição
David Gil Conceição
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